Common-Sense Gun Reform

Janet will stand up to lawmakers who put the NRA before the safety of their constituents. Weak politicians in Tallahassee, like Dana Young, should be ashamed of their vote against banning assault weapons, particularly after the horrific tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.


Investing in Our Public Schools

Janet will never stop fighting for public education — or for our children. Make no mistake: The for-profit school industry takes taxpayer money from public schools and gives it to private corporations. Meanwhile, our public schools are suffering and our teachers are underpaid.


Rebuilding Our Economy

Janet will continue working to break the cycle of poverty for hard-working families in Florida, and confront Tallahassee insiders who want an economy that only benefits the wealthy. Working-class families have had enough of Tallahassee’s inability to create good-paying jobs here at home.


Affordable Healthcare

Janet will champion working families and stand up to insurance companies. Health insurance costs for working families continue to skyrocket — but so-called leaders in Tallahassee continue to prioritize insurance companies by giving them millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded handouts.